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From time to time due to special circumstances such as celebrations and festivals, we make content available to view for free, in accordance with agreements with our different commercial partners regarding the use of their content.
In any case, if you want to know the content before deciding to become a member, you can log in using the "demo" account and the password "demo" to get to know the system.

You can enjoy our content in several ways:

The easiest way is through a web browser compatible with our platform from any mobile or desktop device, entering through the website www.cineclub.com.mx

The second and best option for total quality and ease of use is through the native "jellyfin" application, available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, AppleTV 4k, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, LG WebOS 6, Nvidia Shield and various devices such as Smart Box, Smart TV and Video Game consoles from different manufacturers, available through their respective application stores.
The procedure is to install the app and register the server https://vod.cineclub.digital and use the account and password agreed upon with our staff.

If your device does not support the native app, try installing the "videotape" app, the "infuse" app, or the "Kodi Media Center" app.
If you don't have that option, try using a web browser.
Normally it is best to use a smart device such as any Roku or Amazon Fire TV device, or the smart box of your choice, even AppleTV+4K.
Count on us to advise you!

The Jellyfin app is free of charge as it is an open source project in constant evolution, maintained by a team of enthusiastic film, TV and streaming programmers, and is available in the official application stores of your device, or in Its official website is https://jellyfin.org
What does have a cost is the service that the cinema/club offers to its members, as it gives them the opportunity to legally and uncutly enjoy their favorite content as well as several exclusive content that you will not find anywhere else.

Look for it in the application store of your device or download it from the website https://jellyfin.org
Once installed, register the server https://vod.cineclub.digital with your registered username and password.

On some devices, such as Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite and others with Android TV, you must enter the preferences menu of the Jellyfin app and in the "Default Player" section you must select "Automatic" so that it plays all formats.

Sometimes for maintenance reasons, the server's digital identifier changes, so your browser or application may stop recognizing it.
The solution is very simple:
Just delete the server and register the same address again https://vod.cineclub.digital and connect again.
If the problem persists, send us a message using the format at the bottom of this page or by WhatsApp to the number +52 (1-55) 8499-0212 to solve it immediately.

Our CDN may have been saturated or the server may be performing self-maintenance. Try Later and if it continues the same, please report it to us.

Make sure you are typing your password correctly and make sure you pay your monthly payment on time.

We know you don't like to be pressured, so we don't usually send payment reminders. On the other hand, we know that sometimes we forget to do them or we miss another activity. Therefore, you have a grace period of 5 days from your expiration date to do so. After that period, you will be able to enter but you will not be able to play content until it has been paid. After 30 days without doing so, the account will be deleted.
Avoid that type of situation by using our discounted annual payment promo. Ask for reports.

We have cash or debit/credit card payment through Clip, which is totally secure and supported by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Carnet, RED and other affiliated systems. If you want a different option, request it from our representatives.

At the moment, no. Live channels require IPTV services. We are an OTT Video On Demand service with a VOD server of our own. We are currently analyzing the possibility of creating our own channels instead of depending on an external provider as we did in the past, which made our operations unnecessarily expensive.

No. We try to have all our content in its original language and subtitled into the languages ​​of the club members.

Our content is in its original language. In some cases where agreements allow us to do so, we make audio tracks available to members in different languages ​​if the material is provided to us. In any case, check the audio and subtitle menu to identify them. Generally, movies from Spanish-speaking countries come with audio in Spanish.

You can request it directly through the form that we make available to you.

Very easy: subscribe and watch our horror content on your favorite device, at the time and place you want. There are both Horror Movies, Series and Documentaries at your disposal. We usually watch it every night through October and November. And on weekends. And during the week. At lunch time. During Dinner. In Halloween. On Day of the Dead. On Samhain. In Christmas. Or whenever we feel like it. You have the idea.

Watching movie/club content is completely safe.
Every creature, monster or character is contained by the screen and are completely harmless to our viewers.
Now seriously: As it is a club with membership access, we take care of the security and privacy of our subscriber members for a better experience, so you will not find spam, viruses, malware, cookies, or any other privacy risk.

Viewing our content is totally legal. We have direct agreements with creators, distributors, international agencies, cultural organizations, embassies, cultural committees and festival organizers to offer the user the peace of mind of viewing content with complete confidence. You can see it without fear. Don't ask anymore and enjoy.

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